User Guide To Apply For Unmarried Women Pension Scheme (UWPS) Women

1. Overview

Districts are the de facto front-end of government where most Government-to-Consumer or G2C interaction takes place.

The e-District project was conceptualized to improve this experience by creating an automated workflow system for the district administration and help in providing the citizen efficient department services through Common Service Centers (CSCs), the primary front end channels envisaged under the National e-Governance Plan by Department of Information Technology (DIT), Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT), Government of India.

2. General Information

Let’s Start!!

2.1. Tools Required

You will be provided with the following basic infrastructure:

Computer (CPU, Monitor, Keyboard & Mouse)

Network Connection (as per requirement)

Peripherals (as per requirement)

Browser (Google chrome, Version 37)

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

2.2. Starting your Computer


1. Ensure all cables are connected between the computer, network connection, peripherals & UPS 2. Plug the UPS to the electrical socket

3. Switch ‘ON’ the electrical socket

4. Switch ‘ON’ the UPS

5. Press the (power button) on the computer

6. Allow the system to boot up.

1. Switch ‘ON’ the UPS only after you have switched ‘ON’ the power socket 2. Switch ‘ON’ the computer only after you have switched ‘’ON’ the UPS 3. Switch ‘OFF’ the power socket in there is an electrical spark in the socket

4. Do not start the computer in case the UPS is not fully charged 5. Do not start the computer in case any of the wires are in contact with water

sources / moisture

6. In case you are not sure whether the computer is connected in the right way – please contact the system engineer

3. Purpose

This document is an integral part of e-District application user manuals. The objective of this document is to provide step-by-step assistance to the user on how to apply Unmarried Women Pension Scheme through the e-District Portal.

4. Scope

The scope of this document covers the ‘Unmarried Women Pension Scheme ’service offered under the Revenue Department.

5. Getting Started

Following points and guidelines may be referred while accessing the e-Sevai/e-District application:

User must have valid username and password

Make relevant and correct entries only

Recheck the entries before clicking on Submit button

Mandatory fields cannot be left blank

Mandatory/Optional documents should be attached as per requirement Do not make false entries

6. Services Offered under Revenue Department

Following services are offered under the Revenue Department:

1. REV-101 Community certificate

2. REV-102 Nativity certificate

3. REV-103 Income Certificate

4. REV-104 First Graduate Certificate

5. REV-105 Deserted Woman Certificate

6. REV-106 Agricultural Income Certificate

7. REV-107 Family Migration Certificate

8. REV-108 Unemployment Certificate

9. REV-109 Widow Certificate

10.REV-111 Certificate for Loss of Educational Records due to Disaster

11.REV-113 Inter Caste Marriage Certificate

12.REV-114 Legal Heir Certificate

13.REV-115 Other Backward Classes (OBC) Certificate

14.REV-116 Residence certificate

15.REV-117 Small / Marginal Farmer Certificate

16.REV-118 Solvency Certificate

17.REV-119 No Male Child Certificate

18.REV-120 Unmarried Certificate

19.REV-401 Licence under Pawn Broker Act

20.REV-402 Money Lender's Licence

21.REV-122 Income and Asset Certificate for Economically Weaker Sections 22.REV-123 Issuance of Jain Religious Minority Certificate

23.REV-404 Issuance of Public Building License

24.REV-403 Temporary Crackers License

25.REV-201 Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme

26.REV-202 Destitute Widow Pension Scheme

27.REV-203 Destitute Deserted Women Pension Scheme

28.REV-204 Unmarried Women Pension Scheme

29.REV-205 Chief Minister Uzhavar Pathukapu Thittam

30.REV-206 Differently Abled Pension Scheme

7. Unmarried Women Pension Scheme (UWPS) (REV-204)

Following steps describe how to apply for the Unmarried Women Pension Scheme Certificate through the e-District Portal:

STEP1: Go to the e-Sevai (Government of Tamil Nadu) Web Portal.

STEP 2: Enter the login credentials.

Make sure ‘Operator’ is selected in the Operator Type field.

STEP 3: Enter Captcha code.

STEP 4: Click on Login. e-Sevai Dashboard will appear.

STEP 5: Click on Services on the left panel.

Department Wise service listing will appear.

STEP 6: Click on Revenue Department.

You can also switch to the Service Wise listing, or switch to Search and search a particular service using keywords.

STEP 7: Click on REV-203 Deserted Destitute Wives Pension Scheme (DDWPS). You will be redirected to the service page on the Tamil Nadu e-District Web Portal.

STEP 8: Click on Proceed to continue.

Applicant Search form will appear. Search can be performed using the following options:

Applicant Photo

Aadhaar Card

Aadhaar Consent Form

Smart or Ration Card or Any Address Proof

Self-declaration of Applicant

Bank Passbook

Any Identity Proof(Voter ID Card,Passport,PAN Card,Driving License)

The green asterisk signifies that the available search options are optional mandatory. An applicant can apply for the Certificate provided he/she is having a unique CAN number.

If the applicant doesn’t have a unique CAN Number, he must register for CAN to access the application form fortheCertificate.

7.1. Registering for CAN (Citizen Access Number)

STEP 1: Click on the ‘Click here’ link to apply for CAN Registration.

STEP 2: Fill up all mandatory details in the form prescribed format.

STEP 3:Click on Register to submit form.

Note: You would be required to generate and verify OTP before submitting the form. On successful CAN Registration, the CAN Number will be shown.

The applicant may now proceed with applying for the Certificate by clicking on the Proceed button.

7.2. Applying for REV-203 Deserted Destitute Wives Pension Scheme (DDWPS)

If the applicant is having a unique CAN Number his/her record will be shown in the search results.

STEP 1: Select the record by clicking on the option button against the desired record. STEP 2: Click on Proceed.

CAN details of the applicant may be modified by clicking on the Edit CAN Detail button. The Save as new option allows you to save the same CAN Number with different applicant details.

7.2.1. Filling up Deserted Destitute Wives Pension Scheme (DDWPS) SECTION1: Applicant Details

Applicant details will appear pre-filled in the form. These details are non-editable.

SECTION 2: Current Address

Applicant’s current address details will appear pre-filled in the form. These details are non-editable.

SECTION 3: Permanent Address

Applicant’s permanent address details will appear pre-filled in the form. These details are non editable.

SECTION 4: Contact Details

Applicant’s contact details will appear pre-filled in the form. These details are non-editable.

SECTION 5: Form Details

For the Mode of Disbursement of Amount, Bank or Postal details have to be mentioned.

Specify the Below Poverty Line, Is Destitute, Srilankan refugee, marriage and deserted date (should be above 5 years ) and details on the Other Details.

In the Below Poverty Line Selection YES or NO.

In the Income Details of Family Members, Specify the Number of Members and Applicant’s Occupational Designation and Income Details and click ADD.

You can ADD the Property Details of the family members on the Property Details of Family Members Click to submit

SECTION 6: Then Click on Submit.

Next screen will show a list of required documents.

Note: Based upon the Other Details tab selection, required documents will be varied.

Attach the documents in prescribed file size and file type. Uploaded documents will be shown at the bottom.You may remove any uploaded document using the cross sign.

Please note that the ‘Upload’ button will appear once you browse and add a document.

Self Declaration and Aadhaar Consent Form can be downloaded under the Download Self declaration form and Download Aadhaar Consent Form. After uploaded the photo document the Aadhaar Consent Form can be downloaded.

After uploading the documents, click on ‘Make Payment’.

Payments page will appear. Amount payable (Total Fees) will be shown on screen. Click on Confirm Payment. Click to confirm

payment Acknowledgement receipt will be shown. Click on Print Receipt to download/print the receipt. Click to print receipt

Please Note:

After submission (clicking on the Submit button), the application will be saved as draft. You can find draft applications under the Saved Application section and upload documents or make payment as required.

Submitted applications can be viewed under the Submitted Application section.

The current status of an application can be checked from the Check Status section.

7.3. Downloading Certificate

Once the application is approved and digitally signed, the certificate can be downloaded from the Operator’s desk and handed over to the applicant.

STEP 1:Click on Check Status.

STEP 2:Enter Application Number.

STEP 3:Click on Search. Enter Application No. The application will show up.

STEP 4: After Certificate Approved the Download Certificate will be available then Click on Download certificate link.

The certificate will be downloaded.

8. Disclaimer

This User manual is prepared as per the existing application; however actual screen shots may vary for few cases.